I am a true-blue Poke-Nerd, but only for the 1st generation. That’s why I started this nostalgic Pokemon blog for all the people, who like me, feel like the Pokemon universe is slipping through our fingers. I am 21 years old and I’m not ashamed to still like Pokemon. In fact, I embrace it with a passion! (obviously). I live my life by the motto “What would Ash Ketchum do?” and I believe that if everyone followed that, the world would be a better place. I have a lot of thoughts about Pokemon and I need to share them! I gotta blog ’em all!


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  1. Kenta says:

    Hello Poke-Nerd (I wasn’t sure what else to call you, so I went with your word). I’m like you in a LOT of ways, and I’m here to ask your permission regarding a picture on your blog of a Charizard and Sycther facing off. I intend to use it as a background for a novel-length pokemon fanfiction, but I figured I’d better run this by you. Please advise; thank you!

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