#8 Professor Oak was a Horrible Professor

Professor Oak is regarded as the Charles Darwin of the Pokemon world. But looking back, I can’t for the life of me figure out why.

When you start out your journey, Professor Oak tells you that he has spent his entire life researching Pokemon. It’s all he does. It’s his job. It’s his only reason for living. Yet he only has three Pokemon, and he needs YOU to fill up his Pokedex because it’s empty. You heard me right. A Professor who has spent his ENTIRE LIFE researching Pokemon has exactly ZERO entries in his Pokedex. That’s not good.

I mean come on Professor, you can’t take two steps in tall grass without tripping over a damn Rattata. All you have to do is step one foot in a cave and you’re swarmed with Zubats! It’s like he never even tried.

If wearing a white jacket and not being able to tell someone’s gender/forgetting your grandson’s name is all it takes to be a Professor in the Pokemon world, then Red/Ash picked the wrong profession.


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2 Responses to #8 Professor Oak was a Horrible Professor

  1. bweissler says:

    I think Prof. is more of an honorary title. Like, how I call the crazy guy on my block “Pops,” not because he’s a father, but because he looks freaking old.

    He wears a white coat. Why not call him Professor?

  2. OHTheReviewer says:

    Ok, it’s clear that as you’ve posted more of these realisations you have gained a bit more intelligence, I’m sorry for being narcissistic and mean, but, much like Dr. Sheldon Cooper, I can’t stand stupid people.

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