#7 Ash Never Trained His Pokemon

Out of all the great lessons that the Pokemon anime has taught us, perseverance, loyalty, compassion, I’m gonna have to say that hard work wasn’t one of them. Looking back on the anime, I realized that Ash never actually trains his Pokemon. Ever. And yet, somehow his Pokemon are pretty damn powerful and a lot of the time, they win. How?

The main task in the Pokemon video games is to train your Pokemon so that they become more powerful and eventually to catch all the Pokemon in the game/beat the Elite 4. That takes a lot of hard work. In the anime, Ash’s Pokemon are already badass! It’s not fair! If I had had a Pikachu that only knew one attack, thundershock, and yet it still destroyed everyone it came up against, hell, I wouldn’t bother travelling the world gaining badges and experience. I’d just battle the Elite 4 right away and save myself the trouble.

Of course, an anime about a kid making his Pokemon work out tirelessly probably wouldn’t have had the same appeal.



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One Response to #7 Ash Never Trained His Pokemon

  1. OHTheReviewer says:

    Technically all the battles he participated in would count as training, but his Pokemon should still be horribly under levelled. Not to mention that by now Pikachu should be Level 100 and destroying most of what he encounters every time he visits a new region (and it should not have been beaten by a level 5 Snivy that has had no battle experience ever)

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