#6 Brock was Obsessed with Sex

Looking back on the original anime series, it’s astounding I never realized just how much of a perv Brock really was. Think about it. Brock’s main goal in life is to become the greatest Pokemon breeder of all-time. I’ll admit, when I was 10ish and watching the series, I never really thought about what that meant. Webster’s dictionary defines breeding as this:

breed·ing noun : the sexual propagation of plants or animals.

So basically, Brock’s lifelong dream is to make Pokemon have sex with each other more than anyone else has ever done it. And this is a children’s show?

Another reason we know Brock is obsessed with sex, and a reason that he is one of my favorite Pokemon characters, is because he literally hits on every single girl he meets. Especially Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny. A nurse and a cop? Come on, that’s every guy’s fantasy. And even though he gets rejected every time, he still gets right back on that horse whenever a new girl comes around. That’s impressive, and something all guys can learn from.

Let’s face it, Brock is the man’s man of Pokemon.  Obsessed with sex, obsessed with girls, he might just be the most relatable character for guys in ANY show, not just Pokemon.

And this tribute to Brock wouldn’t be complete without, well, a tribute to Brock. A guy that womanizers everywhere can look up to.


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One Response to #6 Brock was Obsessed with Sex

  1. OHTheReviewer says:

    Oh great, not only are you stupid but you think the only real things that matter are sex and girls. Brock’s a great role model for other reasons, he’s caring, he’s passionate, he’s strong willed, he’s intelligent and when his parents aren’t around he takes care of his numerous amount of younger siblings. Yes he is a little sex crazed, but this was mostly used for comic relief and to get a few giggles out of the audience, so don’t just dismiss him a a sex crazed pig much like yourself.

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