#4 Scyther was Underutilized

Scyther might just be the coolest Pokemon ever designed. A giant praying mantis-like Pokemon with a reptilian head and two giant scythes instead of forearms, Scyther’s type shouldn’t have been “Bug”, it should have been “Badass.” It’s like a dinosaur, a beetle, and a ninja had a kid, and that kid was Scyther.

While Scyther is definitely one of the coolest Pokemon, it is also one of the most underutilized. For some reason it never found the same fame as Charizard or Pikachu, which in my opinion is a damn shame. I remember when playing the video game, I thought Scyther was incredibly awesome looking, but he just didn’t have enough good attacks for me to want to keep him in my Pokemon lineup. I think it was because of his type. Bug type Pokemon are generally not the most powerful or useful in battle, (at least to me) so I never really found a use for Scyther.

In the anime, Scyther is hardly featured at all. It really disappoints me because I can see a huge potential between Scyther vs. Charizard (or similar Pokemon) battles, and I could watch something like that all day.


Not only was Scyther one of the coolest 1st Generation Pokemon, but it’s evolutionary counterpart Scizor is one of the coolest later Generation Pokemon. That didn’t happen very often (i.e. Munchlax).

I know Pokemon is aimed at kids, but I think if Scyther had been utilized more, Pokemon could have reached a whole new demographic of older kids/adults. And I’m not talking about people like me that already like Pokemon because of our awesome childhood.

Even if Scyther never really found footing with the marketing of Pokemon, and people that never got into Pokemon will never know it’s awesomeness, Scyther will always hold a special place with me as being the most badass pokemon that didn’t want to take over the world. *Cough Mewtwo cough*


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One Response to #4 Scyther was Underutilized

  1. OHTheReviewer says:

    How the Charizard vs Scyther battle would end: Charizard would completely destroy Scyther with Flamethrower or Flare Blitz or some other fire type move. You could at least evolve your Scyther so it wasn’t as weak (actually that’s a bad idea against Charizard, Scizor is 4X weak to Fire).Scizor is an absolute badass by the way, it’s extremely strong, especially after mega evolution, holding a Choice Band and having the move Bullet Punch, which would be STAB for Scizor and would go first every time, but you wouldn’t know that because you think the only good Pokemon games are Red and Blue (not sure about your opinions on Yellow though). Maybe if you let go of the past and moved on you would be able to witness the absolute majesty of Scizor in battle. It’s Gen Wunners like you that really piss me off.

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