#2 Misty Was the Best Pokemon Girl

Let’s be completely honest here. Misty was hot. I know, I know, she was only like 12 years old, but hey, so was I. There isn’t a kid out there that didn’t have some kind of fantasy that involved Misty when he was a kid. And if you say you didn’t you’re probably lying.

Pokemon has always had girls that join Ash on his journeys around the Pokemon world.


But Misty was by far the best. She started it all. Without her there wouldn’t have been any other girls, and she was basically the perfect girl. Let’s think about for a second. She isn’t extremely girly like May, who only uses nauseatingly cute Pokemon. And she isn’t too tom-boyish either. She’s also incredibly independent and ambitious. Unlike the other girls who graced the series (May originally doesn’t even like Pokemon, and Dawn wants to win some festival…?) she actually wants to become one of the greatest trainers of all time, and eventually becomes a GYM LEADER. She wasn’t added to the series “just to have a girl.” Her character actually has meaning and purpose. That’s pretty cool. And let’s not forget how, ahem, “passionate” she is. (anger, passion, same thing).

If I can find a girl in real life that is like Misty but, you know, my own age, I’d be pretty damn lucky I think.

Oh, and let’s not forget, she has inspired Halloween costumes for hundreds of college girls. And for that we are very, very thankful.



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6 Responses to #2 Misty Was the Best Pokemon Girl

  1. Missa L. says:

    Hey I’m a girl (who was about 12 at the time) and *I* had Misty fantasies =P

  2. Nicholas says:

    I must admit I have had something of a crush on Misty before and to this day it seems I can’t get enough of her. Not to mention that when I saw her departure it left me heartbroken and I swore off first run Pokemon episodes forever. I will watch another one BUT only on a condition that the people involved refuse to meet despite me not being the only one who wants it.

    • Selene says:

      D-Money on October 30, 2011 if i’m not maeitksn i believe the answer is C. The trio ledgendary’s found at certain lakes in Sinnoh. After all that’s what the game is about

  3. Scott says:

    This blog is ridiculous. May doesn’t only use cute Pokemon and Misty never wanted to be the best trainer. She was also already a Gym leader when the show started.

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