#1 150 Pokemon Was Enough

Hey everyone! So, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’m going to be blogging about, and I decided that want to talk about all the realizations I have had while being a living breathing Pokemon nerd. And the first realization that I had was that 150 species of Pokemon was enough.

I’m going to be honest with you, I still don’t know what the hell a “Quagsire” is. Or any other Pokemon that came after the first generation for that matter. I remember when I was just starting out on my gameboy journey, the majesty and wonder I felt going off into the world to become a Pokemon Master. When there was 150 species, it made the quest seem more important. Now, there are over 600 species. What? How can anyone be expected to be keep track of all that?

Not only can I not keep track of the ever-expanding Pokemon universe, but the designs are just getting worse and worse. I agree with this article. This might just be where Pokemon is headed.

On another point, how do you discover over 450 new species in a few years? Does anyone else think that any kid with a brain in their head would realize how stupid that is? Where did these Pokemon come from? It was so much simpler back then… and I liked it a lot better when I could count the amount of legendary Pokemon on one hand, now I need a calculator.

Now that there are so many Pokemon that I can’t even keep track of them all, the whole Pokemon world kind of seems cheapened, less important. It’s lost the majesty and wonder it once had.

Also, look at these newest crap starting Pokemon compared to the originals…



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7 Responses to #1 150 Pokemon Was Enough

  1. Dante David says:

    yeah, and the fourth generation starters are worse

  2. Hey I see what your saying man and you’re completely right. I mean if they were to even decide to jack the species rate up they should’ve just went up to at least 200, there’s too many now. Now while I still enjoy playing the games from time to time(on my emulator I don’t pay for nothing), old and new, but is it safe to say it has lost it’s original fan base? I think so, I still watch the newer Pokemon! episodes from time to time as well but it’s mainly a “Oh look Pokemon is on” I don’t follow it and if something else is on then I’ll watch that over Pokemon! almost everytime.

  3. cute2gloomy says:

    umm, there was 151 pokemon at the start (if you count mew two and mew) ((ironicaly mew two came before mew))
    sorry, just the super anal retentive poke nerd ness coming out ❤

    • TOTALbad_ASH says:

      You’re absolutely right cute2gloomy. Actually, Morimoto programmed Mew into the game secretly, as a prank amongst the staff just prior to its release in Japan, intending it to be a Pokemon only Game Freak staff members would know about and be able to obtain! Too bad for him Pokemon fans were too smart and found a glitch to obtain it. That’s why I don’t usually include it in the original Generation. 🙂

  4. OHTheReviewer says:

    Now, I do want to prove your a stupid arsehole that won’t let go of the past, and I do want to prove you wrong, so I’ll just give you this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpUKPzIO07U so you can click on it and finally realise that what you said here was a whole load of nostalgic crap.

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